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What Is BestServers?

Although BestServers was not the first game server list website to appear on the scene, it was the first custom built from scratch. We at GamingCompanions felt the world needed the next level of game server lists and set out to complete this task with the flare expected of us.

The main mission that we set ourselves was to make sure that each and every server list hosted on BestServers was fast and easy to use while looking smart and modern.

The main demand for a server list is created by the actual in game browser being slow for the title you are trying to play. Developers still struggle to make the server browser in many popular games as fast as players really need it to be.

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Before we (the Gaming Companions) built BestServers we created a price comparison site for game hosting that grew extremely quickly into an industry dominating force that helped the average gamer save money. Following on from the success of that project we put our hand to improving the server list scene, the current sites were slow and bulky and simply not designed for todays mobile first world.

If you are looking to get a private server for you and your friends you should definitely check out our sister site CompareGameHosting. You will find hundreds of games and around a hundred game hosting providers sorted by price and features with a mass of reviews to help you choose.

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