7DTD Servers

If you have the game 7 Days to Die and you are here on this server list then it is clear that you want to search for a game to join but have not been happy with the built in game browser. The server lists on BestServers are so much easier and quicker than the built in lists that are included with the game. Our constantly updated dynamic server lists add another level of personality to the process with the use of banners, like they say, a photo can say a million words.

7 Days To Die Server Hosting

Before we put together BestServers we produced the industry breaking website CompareGameHosting which tore apart the game hosting scene and forced the providers to really up their game. Within the website we have a dedicated 7 Days To Die page detailing the game hosting companies that provide for the game as well as an extensive list of reviews, features and packages.

7 Days To Die

7 Days to Die is the amalgamation of Minecraft, crossed with Day Z/any zombie-based game ever, creating an interesting survival game that is set in the first-person perspective. With 7 Days to Die, you’re thrown into a procedurally generated world that’s completely filled with zombies – some of which have different variations – and must find a way to protect yourself in a number of different ways. First of all, you can build your own house/base and fortify as you see fit to defend against the shambling hordes; you can hunt them to the best of your abilities, or you can hunker down and hope that they don’t get a whiff of you because as soon as it hits night time, those zombies are stronger, faster, and more terrifying!

7DTD Gameplay

The game has a pretty simple style that reminds the player somewhat of the original Counter Strike titles, except not quite that ages, but the reasoning behind the style is to make building and creating your own personal zombie-filled world considerably easier with the engine it currently sits in.

7 Days to Die is one of those games you expect to play with a friend, as survival is much easier when there’s a second player involved, that’s for sure. Why sit alone in a zombie infested world when you can do it with a friend? After all, there’s plenty to hunt around and scavenge for and the opportunity to build your house up from quite literally nothing definitely makes for some fun gameplay, but just be careful when the move flies over the night’s sky. As soon as the moonlight hits, those zombies are bound to make your life a living hell/you won’t be surviving that particular night!

Similar Games

Ark: Survival Evolved

Probably the most popular craft and survive game right now (as of early 2018) and has held this spot for over 2 years. In Ark: Survival Evolved you are tasked with surviving on a dinosaur infested island with other players in a multiplayer server.

You can tame or hunt the prehistoric wildlife around you to help you rise through the ranks and become the ultimate player on the island.


A more mature craft and survive game very similar to 7 Days To Die is Rust. You may not be able to tame dinosaurs like in Ark but you can defend yourself from the wolves and bears around you.

The game is geared more towards player vs. player combat with groups going around causing mayhem. These raiding parties can be a source of amazement for the players in them but some sort of nightmare for those who fall victim to them.