Ark Servers

Finding Ark servers on the official in-game browser can be a nightmare due to the delay issues and the fact that a lot of non-official server don’t even appear on it. This Ark server list is designed to load quickly and by using the handy filters on the left hand side (underneath if you are using a mobile device) you can sift through to find your ideal game to join.

Ark Server Hosting

If you are wondering how the people who control these Ark servers actually get to where they are then im sure you will be happy to hear that you can easily get your hands on an Ark server. We have created a price comparison site specially designed for game hosting that allows you to compare the prices and features that hosting companies offer.

To find the page that lists all of the Ark Survival Evolved providers simply click here. As you can see on our CompareGameHosting sister site we have many companies listed with an archive of reviews and the features they provide tailored to help you make the right decision.

Ark Survival Evolved

Ark: Survival Evolved is a game that revolves almost completely around fighting, running from, and taming a giant array of dinosaurs that continuously expands on that number. Ark is designed to be a survival game that has you keeping track of your health, food, stamina, and food intake, all the while trying to build a new home that hopefully doesn’t get stood on by some wandering T-rex at random individuals. Developed by Studio Wildcard, the game has been out of Steam’s Early Access since 29th, August 2017 and still continues to grow till this very day with new content, updates, and bug fixes to keep the game stable and interesting.

Ark Gameplay

In Ark you quite literally start from the bottom with nothing on your person and must go from them. Collecting nearby resources and levelling up (much like you do in games like Minecraft) to learn new crafting recipes is the only way you’re going to improve in this game and considering just how brutal some of the dinosaurs can be, you’re going to want to get and do that nice and fast. Unless you think you have the skill to try and knock the creature out and tame it for yourself.

Online Gameplay

Ark: Survival Evolved is a great game on its own, but online it is a whole another story. You can team up with complete strangers to become the greatest guild on your server and fight some of the game biggest and baddest creatures; many of which can’t even be touched by a lone player. There is just so much to see and do in Ark: Survival Evolved and that’s why it’s no surprise that it is considered one of the best survival games available and should be experienced, regardless on whether that’s with friends, strangers, or alone – it’s an experience not to be missed.