Arma 3 April 2018 Updates

Arma 3 is one of those titles that is slowly standing the test of time, all thanks to their committed developers. Arma 3 is the premier military simulator that is one of the most unique and accurate FPS games on the market as of now. Even with this in mind, the developers are constantly adding more and more to the game in terms of DLC – both free and paid. With the latest Tanks DLC hot on the horizon, the updates for the game aren’t the most inspiring, but are worth of note. Feel free to read on and discover exactly what the developers have changed to the game and any news as well.

Tanks DLC

With the new Tanks DLC coming our way, they’ve left it in the experimental branch of their servers. Completely available to play for all, but due to the unstable nature of the DLC at the moment, it’s received a few fixes here and there. What those fixes are for is to ensure that the game is up to snuff for when it really does release. A brief start to the proceedings is that the Jets and Laws of War DLC assets will now be decrypted to PBO. That will make it much easier for those assets to be used in third party creations.

Going back to the Tanks DLC, one of its features is the canon-launched guided ammunition. The Rhino MGS is even equipped with “Maruk” ATGM missiles and is connected to the Data Link system. This system allows for long-distance targets to be taken out with relative precision. Regardless on whether or not your target is beyond your line of sight, those missiles aren’t going to miss particularly easily.

Moving back onto the fixes and whatnot, all of the fixes that they’ve added have been implemented on the experimental sever already. For anyone that’s enjoying the experimental servers, you have little to worry about with the updates. Any updates that break the game get instantly resolved and while we’re not quite ready for the DLC, we are nearly there. Within the next 2 weeks is when the game is set to come out – specifically on the 11th April 2018 is when the DLC is released.

As of right now, there isn’t much else to report for Arma 3 and the new Tanks DLC, set for release in 2 weeks. With each new day that rolls by, Bohemia Interactive put more time and resources into the DLC to ensure that it comes out perfect. Until then, keep an eye out on these articles to ensure that you are up to date with everything Arma 3!

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