Arma 3 March 2018 Update

Bohemia Interactive’s realistic military shooter is a game that’s close to 5 years old at this point. Despite its age, it still manages to have a rigorous development team behind that regularly update the game week-in and week-out. With every new week the developers almost seem to have a new update, bug fix, or whatever else coming down the pipeline. Following on from here is some of the latest news and updates for Arma 3, as stated by the developer.

Latest DLC

Bohemia Interactive at this point are known for their free content updates and it seems they’ve done it again. Their latest bit of DLC is named the Tanks DLC for good reason. In this new update that’s set for the 11th April 2018, the game is going to have some new tanks to play with. Well, tanks and armoured vehicles as well, along with a few extras here and there that we’ll get into.

As should come as no surprise is that the main feature of this DLC is the new tanks that come with it. First up is the T-140 Angara, a vehicle that’s built for maximum destruction and protection for its crew. Next, we’ve got the AWC Nyx, a fast and mobile armoured vehicle to give its crew a chance. Then there’s the Rhino MGS, a vehicle designed solely to fight other tanks with its penetrating rounds. Considering that it’s referred to as the ‘Tank Destroyer’ – it’s going to be something to look out for!

Surprisingly enough, it wasn’t just tanks that were added in this DLC, as there was even a mini-campaign. Altis Requiem is the name of this mini-campaign and takes place over 3 single player scenarios. You assume the role of a tank commander from the perspective of the NATO offensive. You’re placed in command of the AWC Nyx in the fight against the FIA. Despite its size, this mini-campaign has multiple endings. Each ending is given to you for your playstyle and overall performance.

Tanks DLC

With the Tanks DLC dropping, there will be a major free platform update as well. This update will include fully-modelled 3D interiors, and they’ve also improved the handling of armoured vehicles. A new game mode called Vanguard will also be available, along with 3 new time-trial challenges. These challenges are available for the new DLC vehicles and there’s also 2 new anti-tank launchers to play with. Even Arma 3 content creators get a little something out of this update, as there are a number of new decorative objects to use now.

This latest Tanks DLC set for released on the 11th April is going to be a big one for any Arma 3 fan. Even though it’s going to be completely free to everyone, it’s bound to be fun and enjoyable all the same.

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