Arma 3 Servers

You could crawl your way through the official Arma 3 server list but im sure as you are already here you are looking for a better method. Our list of Arma 3 servers are updated regularly and allow you to sift and filter by several useful means such as by region so that you can find the closest to you with the lowest ping.

Arma 3 Server Hosting

Playing Arma 3 single player is no where near as good as playing online with other people, you really can’t get the full experience without joining a dedicated server. To get your own private server you need to rent it from a hosting company and it usually costs no more than $20 a month for an Arma 3 starter package.

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Arma 3

Arma 3 is the hardcore, military shooter from the acclaimed developers over at Bohemia Interactive, the same team that was behind the last two iterations of the series. Arma 3 pits you into the first-person perspective of a soldier on the fields of war and pretty much leaves it at that. This game and the series is known to be incredibly brutal and hard to understand, but that’s one of the biggest advantages for the game. It has you and your squad working together as a proper team instead of a run and gun operation, and if you want to survive your tour of duty, you’re going to need to start thinking both tactically and strategically. Although the game lacks the crafting element popular in many online multiplayer games like Ark right now, it focuses more on the weapons based tactics and warfare.

Arma 3 Reception

Coined as one of the most realistic shooters to ever be created, Arma 3 is designed to give you the perfect impression of what it would be like to be on the battlefield, without the whole being shot at business! Visually, just like the rest of the game it has a rather serious aesthetic to go alongside with all of the battlefields that you traverse across, all of which have a realistic and realism look to them.


Arma 3 is the type of shooter that really can’t be played alone and makes for a perfect excuse to play with friends, as it gives the player the chance to team-up, coordinate, and strategise as necessary. Not to mention with how much DLC the game regularly receives, the developers only appear to be developing and improving the game more and more with each passing month; thus creating an incredible experience for every shooter fan out there, especially for those of you that love a hardcore experience in your shooters.