Blackwake March 2018 Update

Ever wanted to sail the high seas with a crew of your best friends? Maybe even take on the role of Captain Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean? Well, when it comes to Blackwake, you’ve got pretty much all of that rolled into one singular experience. Hop onto your ship with your motley crew and take to the seas, with the aim to destroy anyone or anything that gets in your way. As the game has begun to age and grown closer to launch, more and more has been added to the game. At times it can be a bit difficult to keep up, so here’s a comprehensive update on what’s been going on with this one.

Less of an update to begin with, Blackwake is currently in the process of teasing its latest major patch, 3.0. In 3.0 they have the intention to bring in the choice of multiple ships from that start. Instead of simply giving you a random vessel to take control of. This new change is to allow players to pick a ship to their playstyle but has yet to be properly balanced in-house supposedly. Along with this new option, there are also supposed to be 4 new ships entering the game with patch 3.0.

Blackwake Gunboat

The first of the 4 new ships are the gunboat. As of the moment, it’s classed as a starting ship; small and extremely nimble. The gunboat is going to be used for close combat, along with general boarding. Next up we have the cutter, which is an agile, anti-boarding ship with 2 separate stern gains to protect itself. Afterwards, we have the bomb ketch, which has a mortar tied to the ship, but can only be fired while stationary. Lastly, we have the brig, which is designed to be a large vessel that has a fully open deck, with 9 guns on each side; making it quite the beast.

As with the rest of patch 3.0, there is just so much new and changed for the game. Even the general damage repair system has been overhauled to look and work better. A number of new shot types have been thrown into the game, meaning your strikes on enemy ships can have even more variety and strategy than ever before.

Last but not least, we also have a number of cosmetic items coming our way as well; over 20 to be exact. As with any new launch, however, there are set to be a number of bugs and problems. Despite this, the developers have gone on record to say that they’ll be putting a lot of time and effort into fixing those bugs before they arise. Whilst patch 3.0 hasn’t quite been released just yet, the developers have announced that it will be ‘soon’. There only hesitations are the bugs that could cause a problem, but that seems like a fair piece of reasoning to me.

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