Blackwake Servers

Struggling to find a decent Blackwake server to play on using the games built in browser? The traditional way of searching for a server to play on can be so un-personal and lack the real tell-tale signs of a great place to play. A great community will have an exciting banner and constant flow of players coming back day after day to play Blackwake with the same people. Our list of servers above is a great way to find Blackwake games currently running online and then join through Steam using the simple grey button next to the server address.

Blackwake Server Hosting

Keeping a centralised machine running the dedicated server for Blackwake is almost a necessity for a smooth running game. You can find companies that provide the ready made game configs and files along with the hosting needed all kept within an easy to use control panel for only a few dollars a month. Our sister site CompareGameHosting has a whole bunch of providers listed that you can compare by price and features to help make the right choice. Once you have got your Blackwake server you can then return to this site and add it to the list so others can discover you and join in.


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live life as a pirate? Out there on the seven seas, plundering loot and destroying ships without a second thought? Well, that’s the exact experience Blackwake aims for the player to enjoy. Currently in development on Steam’s Early Access platform, Mastfire Studios have been working on the game ever since its release onto Steam on the 24th February 2017. The game has you taking the role of a cutpurse fellow out on the open seas with a ship full of friends or strangers, depending on how you wish to take things. Whilst out on these seas, you’re bound to come across some opposition that might have some loot that’s worth plundering, as such you’re going to need to take it by force.

What makes the game so intriguing is the fact that everyone on the ship has a different role. At one point, you might have a group of people working on repairs as someone steers the ship to safety, and someone is up on the mast to look out for trouble. Everyone has their own role that might change when combat becomes a problem, because at the end of the day, you’re going to want to make sure that ship is still standing/sailing.

Set in a first-person perspective (like Arma 3 etc.), when you get boarded or vice versa, your sword and pistol are bound to come in handy and might just be the one thing keeping your ship from sinking down to Davy Jones’ locker. Working as a team is a key part of the game and what makes the game so intriguing and that’s the whole camaraderie that comes along with working on this ship with others, all trying to reach that end goal: victory!