Conan Exiles Servers

Browsing through the official Conan Exiles server list can be a slow and daunting task with little personality shining through to you for each server. Choosing a game to join can take a while and instead of sifting through each and every server on the Conan Exiles server list you can view them with banners on this page. The banners and stats that appear for each server on our list make it massively easier to browse for the style, size and rules in a server you want.

Conan Exiles Server Hosting

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Conan Exiles

Conan: Exiles is another hit survival game from the developers over at Studio Wildcard, the same people who are responsible for the incredibly popular and fun Ark: Survival Evolved. Built around that same policy, Conan: Exiles is basically Ark: Survival Evolved with less dinosaurs and a lot more sand and mythology, just with similar gameplay. Just like in Ark, you load into the world with nothing, an exile with nothing more than a scrap of cloth to your name and that’s if you’re lucky. From the very start, you must explore these ancient lands filled with deadly creatures and potentially brutal people and try to make a name for yourself. Build your settlement up from the bottom and do what you can to make it an impenetrable fortress that has all you could ever need; just be aware that other players are bound to what a piece of whatever it is that you have, and they are going to do whatever is required to take it!

Conan Exiles Gameplay

Take to the sands with a few friends and try to dominate the Conan Exiles server that you all join up on. To begin you won’t have a thing to your names, but you’ll quickly begin to establish yourself amongst the land and might even become the rulers of the server, if you can make the ultimate base and clan that can’t be touched. There’s plenty to explore and mess around with in Conan: Exiles and considering the game’s Early Access development cycle, the game is only going to get bigger and bigger with each passing week and has already grown exponentially since its initial release and is only going to continue to grow as time moves on.