Counter Strike: Global Offensive Guide

Jumping into a new shooter can sometimes make you lost your touch. I’m here to tell you that this is not the case. CS:GO is a casual and competitive shooter (depending on which mode is chosen) and it’s player base is notoriously toxic with new players. However, don’t fret, I have tips and tricks to help new players get used to the game.

Aiming In CSGO

Kill or be killed. This is how all shooters are and with that in mind, aiming skills must be adequate. CS:GO can be very intimidating at first, especially those new to the franchise in general. The first game came out in 1999, so players have had almost 19 years of practice to hone their skills. This guide will help you to hone your skills and be able to defeat your foes.

Always aim for the head. This is vital as headshots do the most damage, but are the smallest and most difficult place to hit on the body.

Running and gunning doesn’t work like it does in Call of Duty or similar games. To be the most accurate, you must be crouching and not moving at all. When moving, accuracy is dramatically altered and makes it hard to even hit an enemy’s chest. Recoil doesn’t help either since the gun will fire in an upward motion with consecutive bullets. To overcome this challenge, shoot in bursts, or use a gun that is semi-automatic.

Team Work

Team work is a skill that must be learned, especially when in competitive play when only one life is given to each player. Communicate with teammates and ensure the safety of your team by keeping track of enemies (without being killed), and covering teammates when they make a risky move.

What Weapons to Buy

There are many guns available to players in CS:GO, but some of them are definitely better than others. Weapons that deal higher damage are better, but the recoil rates and accuracy must be good as well. The M4A4 is a great starter weapon as it deals large amount of damage and is easy to fire in bursts. An AWP is the best choice for snipers as it often one-shots enemies.

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