CGSO Server List

Even though CS:GO does have a built in server list browser in its main menu, a lot of people prefer using server list sites like BestServers to find new places to play the game. Using our server list means you have access to banners and other stats that may be hidden away in the game that would actually make it easier to find you ideal environment to play the game with people you want to. Our fast loading cached server list is massively more reliable and using the Steam launch button next to the server address you can launch a CS:GO game straight from your internet browser.

CSGO Server Hosting

Before we built BestServers we built a hugely successful game hosting price comparison site that has saved millions of people money by streamlining the whole process. Compare the monthly cost along with features and reviews of CS:GO server hosting on our free to use website CompareGameHosting. The website is constantly updated and features the main game hosting companies that dominate the scene along with smaller specialist providers who may offer a better/cheaper solution worth checking out too.

Counter Strike:Global Offensive

Counter Strike: Global Offensive is one of those titles that almost doesn’t need describing at this point, considering it is considered one of the most played and popular FPS titles and video games in general in the history of the gaming industry. For those out there who aren’t aware, CSGO is an online-only multiplayer FPS game like Arma 3, where two teams of 5 go up against each other to complete the objective: plant the bomb as the terrorists and defuse the bomb as counter-terrorists. Obviously, if either team kills the other before either of those objectives are met, that team takes the point up until a winning team reaches 16 overall wins.

CSGO Visuals

Visually the game has a rather classic FPS style with nothing too stellar in the graphics or visuals department, but where the real interest comes in is with the skins that come along with your favourite weapons. There are hundreds of skins for every single weapon in this game, many of which look absolutely stunning with bright and vibrant colours that give you the opportunity to personalise your favourite weapons however you see fit; something not many games nowadays can attest to.

CSGO Gameplay

CSGO isn’t an easy FPS game to get good at, considering just how much twitch-skill and strategic knowledge you need to start approaching the big leagues, but with every single match that you play you will be sure to yourself improving before too long. Despite this, CSGO is certainly one of those games that should be played with friends, since the bunch of you can create expert level calls for one another to follow and improve your play tenfold and before too long, you’ll be flick-sniping people before you’ve even realised you could do it.