Dark & Light Servers

Being a lonely master of magic is not much fun in Dark and Light, so joining a server with other players is a must. Finding a server that fits in with your style of play can take a while and prove to be a game of trial and error. The Dark & Light server list on this page makes it much easier to search for the kind of multiplayer machine that hosts a game that you would be interested in joining. Simply use the region selector and filters in the menu system to drill down the servers near you that look like fun.

Dark & Light Server Hosting

If you haven’t noticed all of the dark Get Your Own Server boxes dotted around the page then you may be interested to know that you can easily rent your own D&L server. Many companies offer dedicated packages for only dollars a month and to help you make the decisions we have created a price list to use in searching for Dark and Light server hosting here. The price list is updated regularly with the latest prices, reviews and features to make the the whole renting/buying process that much easier.

Dark & Light

Dark and Light is a relatively new game from the developers over at Snail Games USA and was released back on the 20th July, 2017 and is currently available on Steam’s Early Access platform. Dark and Light aims to be a vast and open sandbox, survival RPG that’s within a world where magic is king. In this world there are a number of different and dangerous creatures that you might not see in many fantasy games and the only way to really take them out is with an enchanted blade or fireball to the face!

D&L Visuals

Visually, the game that looks like a more realistic version of Skyrim has vast and sprawling landscapes that wouldn’t be amiss from some of the greatest fantasy settings in fiction to date. Creature design is certainly a part of the game that you won’t want to miss out on, considering that’s where a lot of the detail for this game went into and it most assuredly wasn’t a waste. After all, there’s nothing more imposing like a dragon flying across your head, blocking out the sun before they unleash their wrath unto you.


As with any decent survival game, you have the opportunity to build your own fortress and perfect settlement, however you see fit. Despite how enjoyable this experience might be, you had best be careful out there in the wild-lands of Dark and Light, other players might try to break into your home and take whatever it is that you have in your possession. In which case, be sure to tame some decent beats and dragons on your part to create the ultimate guard dog/dragon in this case. The game follows on from many other craft and survive classics that prove ever so popular in the dedicated server scene with examples like Hurtworld and Reign of Kings which are all mostly set in harsh baron landscapes to add an element of difficulty.