Dark & Light Update Feb 2018

A great fantasy survival game in the form of Dark and Light may be on Steam’s Early Access but considering that these reports prove just how much change comes to this game, you can’t exactly complain when you realise the game only manages to improve month by month. Even though it’s barely been a month since the start of the year, plenty has happened in the game in terms of changes and updates and has only improved the game the deeper its development cycle goes.

Emergency Update

To start things off, we’ve got a necessary/emergency update that the developer states was a necessary fix for a big problem many players faced and that was in the form of the sky fortress. As it turns out, one of the previous updates completely broke the sky fortress and made it straight up un-useable, as such this update was definitely a necessary change to the game. Despite this, you do need to build a new shipyard before you can create a new sky fortress, otherwise the old shipyard will make your sky fortress disappear, something that you’re not going to want

Mobile Fortresses

As of late, one of the biggest changes to the game that came its way is the patch that dropped back on the 18th January 2018. First of all, there’s these new fortresses called mobile fortresses that you can start to build once you unlock the rank of goblin engineering (4), but you are going to need to make a dock before you can make a start on this new mobile fortress. Then, to make sure that these fortresses can be kept safe, there are a number of different defensive options available to the player to keep their fortress safe before things get a little too dicey.

Blackice Peaks and Scalding Abyss

Due to the usual changes that come this games way, there are some small adjustments that have hit the game, such as Blackice Peaks and Scalding Abyss adjustments that have hit the game in the form of balance changes to make these trials a little more viable for more players to experience. We’ve also got a number of different creature health and item adjustments to balance the game out a bit more, without worrying too much about the OP nature of either creatures or the cost of some items to create. Even the starting area has been tweaked somewhat so that high-level creatures don’t appear nearly as much as they used to near the starting area, stopping lower-level players from being completely decimated by creatures that couldn’t even fathom going up against at this level.

In terms of the less interesting changes, we’ve got the usual bug fixes, some terrain adjustments but nothing too noteworthy, and a few more general updates, like some changes to hit the starter armour, but other than that, this wraps up the latest changes to the game.

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