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Although a lonely survival game, DayZ is a much better game when played with friends. Our server list above catalogues a huge number of high quality game servers running DayZ along with the version, map and player count at the last time of update. If you use the filters and dropdowns in the side menu you can find a nearby server with people who play the game the same as you that you will be available to join.

DayZ Server Hosting

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DayZ is the title of one of the most prominent survival games to have ever be released, and that was before it became an official title, rather than a mod. Currently available on Steam’s Early Access platform, DayZ is under the development of Bohemia Interactive, the same team that’s behind the Arma series and who also created Arma 2, the game that the original mod was played on. In DayZ, you spawn without an eerily quiet expanse, where there is nothing inside except empty buildings, rusted cars, and groaning zombies in this post-apocalyptic landscape. As the player, you must find a weapon to defend yourself and enough supplies to stem your health, hunger, stamina, and thirst as you try to survive as long as you can on this island. Vehicles are few and far between and attract too much attention, and that’s not just from the zombies.

While zombies are a dangerous commodity in this title, other players are the true threat and after a couple of hours in this game you will come to learn that. Just like in a real zombie-apocalypse, people are on edge and have no reason to trust strangers; so, how you end up dealing with these particularly tense scenarios is completely up to you at the time.

Just like any survival game, you can either go it alone or gang up with some friends or strangers to pool together your resources and hopefully keep each other up and kicking for a little while longer. Things definitely won’t be easy in DayZ, but if you stick together or stay to the shadows, you might just be able to survive this brutal land that takes no prisoners.