DST Servers

Although not a highly intensive game, Don’t Starve Together still benefits massively from having a dedicated server for players to join to. The persistent world that exists all the time means that players all around the world in different time zones can join in whenever they want to. Our server lists contain easy to use region and game type filters so that you can find a great game to join quicker than if you were using the in-game browser built into DST.

Don’t Starve Together

Don’t Starve Together is Klei Entertainments attempt at bringing their immensely popular survival game, Don’t Starve to a multiplayer audience and the developers managed exactly that. Playing exactly like Don’t Starve, this game simply allows you the opportunity to enjoy the trials and tribulations of trying to survive in this dark and confusing world with a friend of yours. Just because you’re working together doesn’t necessarily going to make things easier on the pair of you; after all, now there are two mouths to feed rather than just the one.

Everything you can do in the original Don’t Starve is brought into Don’t Starve Together. All of the unlockables you have to progress to get are available here and due to the fact that the pair of you need a different character for each of you, you get the benefits and problems that come with both of those characters; providing you know what they do, since some characters aren’t all that self-explanatory.

Don’t Starve Multiplayer

There’s plenty to see and do in Don’t Starve Together and it’s designed to be done with a buddy for the entire experience. Not everything is going to be that much easier with a second player, but it does mean you might finally get around to building that base you’ve always dreamed of or reach that day that always seems to elude you. Much like how DayZ is a lot easier splitting the tasks between multiple people, being in a group can definitely help when you have to collect resources that you depend on to live. Once you’re done for the day, you can pack up and jump back onto the game with your buddy without worrying that your character has starved since you’ve been gone, as nothing happens in the in-game world until the pair of you are there – just be wary of fire and accidental death, as that’s bound to occur before too long with this one.