Empyrion March 2018 Updates

Empyrion – Galactic Survival is another one of those space-faring survival games. Despite being in development for nearly 3 years, a lot of people would consider this game the No Man’s Sky we never got. Not only is there exploration, combat, and discovery, but every world you find is different from the last. Base-building is even a major part of the game but doesn’t have to be done on the surface. Even your spaceship can be designed exactly as you’d like. As far as being able to do what you want, the game certainly provides it!

Alpha 8

Even through its near 3-year lifespan, the game has only continued to improve with more content. As of right now the game is on Alpha 7, but the developers have been teasing what’s on the cards for Alpha 8. Alpha 8 has been segmented into 3 different parts so far, to tease what’s coming our way in the near future.

For the first part of the Alpha 8 reveal, they’ve revealed a lot about world generation. Planets are set to be much larger, and the biome distribution is based on humidity and temperature. Now, planets will have a bit more rhyme and reason to their layout, unlike before. Threats have been new and improved, and AI behaviour has certainly been improved as well.

Now, for the second part of the Alpha 8 reveal, they’ve revealed some more about solar system generation. By starting a new default game, this system will randomly pick names from a database of 600 names. This will be the new naming process for every new seed you create and load into. There are even new status effects, which all will be found in the status-effects tree. These new status effects, if they are not taken care of properly, they will develop into something worse. In terms of visuals, the general terrain and environments are all set to be improved upon.

Lastly, we have the third part of the Alpha 8 reveal, which is simply potential additions to the game. There’s going to be a new commander chair, new visuals for the fallen logs in the swamp biome, and a new alien plant. They’ve also made it clear that they are working on a new sentry gun, railing/catwalk, and a heavy pressurised window set.

For the most part, the 3rd reveal doesn’t state much else about the game so far. With this in mind, though, it doesn’t state that this is the last reveal before Alpha 8. By the sounds of things, the developers intend to reveal more and more as the time goes by. Before too long, they’ll state a release date and as soon as they do, we’ll have you covered!

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