Empyrion Servers

Finding a place to play Empyrion with other people who are like you can be hard as its such a new game, luckily our server list for the game makes it easier. Using the visual banners as clues as to what a server may be like, you can browse through hundreds of servers without having to join each and every one. You are also able to find servers that are close to your location geographically and then play a low ping fast responding game without the stress of lag.

Empyrion Server Hosting

If you are struggling to find a server that fits in with your style of Empyrion play then you can easily get your own. Major game hosting providers have packages that auto setup after purchase that mean that you can have a ready to go server in minutes for the cost of only a few dollars a month. Our sister site CompareGameHosting is the market leading price comparison site for game server hosting with many features, reviews and guides available on a page that is dedicated to Empyrion.


Empyrion – Galactic Survival is another attempt at the ever-so popular survival genre, but has it taking place not only in space, but the rest of the galaxy, which just so happens to be filled with many different planets and large settlements to explore and potentially raid if you’re feeling brave enough. Currently in development from Eleon Game Studios, the game is available on Steam’s Early Access and thrusts the player into this expansive galaxy that’s filled to the brim with unique settings, structures, and even creatures if you’re unfortunate enough to meet them.

In terms of building, Empyrion has a rather in-depth building system that allows you to pretty much build anything that comes to your sci-fi mind. Due to this intriguing system, pretty much whatever you come to build fits within the sci-fi genre incredibly well and almost always looks like its ripped straight out of an Alien movie – before they were bad, at least. The game is like a slightly more advanced rebirth of the classic Space Engineers game which still proves to be a success and have die hard fans to this day.

Other than building, there’s plenty to explore and experience in Empyrion, some of it positive and intriguing, and others quite deadly and almost impossible to survive if you’re not careful. Within this galaxy, there are a number of different races that aren’t exactly the friendliest of bunches and are more likely to shoot you in the face than strike up a conversation. That doesn’t mean you have to take things on alone in this new and confusing galaxy; instead, you can take a friend and explore things together, at least then the likelihood of being shot in the back is drastically decreased, providing they aren’t the one’s doing it for your latest bit of loot – now there’s a scary thought.