GMod Server List

Their doesn’t seem to be many complaints about the official Garry’s Mod server list but the version on this page and a whole new layer to the system. A server owner can add personality to a server listing and make it stand out for reasons that make it special. You are also able to filter through and search for servers with options that help you find your perfect Garry’s Mod server to play on by yourself or with friends.

GMod Server Hosting

You can easily get your own Garrys Mod server for only a few dollars a month from thousands of different game hosting companies all around the world. We built another website that helps you find the ideal provider listed by price with features and reviews easily accessible alongside. You can find GMod server hosting prices on CompareGameHosting along with many other Steam and non-Steam games like Ark and TF2.

Garrys Mod

Despite the game being named a mod, Garry’s Mod is a game that originally released back in 2004 and yet is still considered one of the most played games on Steam ever and that number has barely changed. Based in the Source engine from Valve, Garry’s Mod took some of the best parts of the Half-Life series and its engine to make a truly unique experience that really does allow the user to do whatever they please. Unlike Team Fortress 2 (another Source engine based game on Steam) the game is effectively a sandbox playground, with a physics engine that can be used to create bizarre scenes to screenshot for your friends or make a wonderful contraption that somehow works, despite it being a bathtub with some hover-balls thrown onto it. What makes Garry’s Mod so fun and interesting is the wide variety of ways to play it and somehow the community around it only manages to grow with each passing year.

Garrys Mod Updates

Garry’s Mod has the same visual style as Half-Life 2 and while it hasn’t been updated visually over the years, the game holds up to this date incredibly well, but at the end of the day it isn’t the visuals that will sell you on this game, it’s the complete ridiculousness that you get with every single interaction in this game that makes it hard not to enjoy and fall in love with before too long.

Garry’s Mod Server Types

As of right now, Garry’s Mod has hundreds and thousands of different servers for people to enjoy, be they RP, Prop Hunt, Sandbox, and so many more that is almost hard to fathom. There’s a little bit of something for everyone in this title and that makes for plenty of wasted hours of complete hilarity; alone or with friends.