Hurtworld 2018 Update

Hurtworld is an FPS/3rd-person shooter that takes place in a location that almost looks like outback Australia and quite possibly like something out of a Mad Max movie, but I digress. The developers over at Bankroll Studios have been hard at work on this game as soon as the new year hit and have been met with plenty of changes and updates that have been made to the game, some of which might have been experimental at the time but are now fully implemented into the game.

Hurtworld January 2018

Released on the 25th January 2018, Experimental Patch was made live on all experimental servers to see how the community would take to the changes and see how the meta game would change in the process, something the developers are hoping to see in time. Something players are bound to appreciate is the new amber protection that’s been implemented that allows you to mark certain items on your person to be considered ‘protected’. Protecting an item will cost some amber, but it means that whenever you die you will not drop any items that are protected, but all of those that aren’t protected will be dropped. A protected item will lose 20% of its protected status from originally 20%; thus, losing its protection as soon as it hits 0.

New Meteor Showers

Along with this new addition, we’ve also got 4 different tiers of meteor showers that can happen at random in their respective areas on the map, all of which can drop certain rich metals for the player to pick up, providing the opposition doesn’t get there first. Airdrops are also included along with this, but simply have a heavily nerfed loot table, but as of right now they are the only place to gain different weapon attachment upgrades for your weapons. More interestingly, however, we’ve got a new version of Mangatang, a map known for its particularly dense forests.

Experimental Patch

Released on the 1st February 2017, Experimental Patch was made live and pretty much came exclusively with a bunch of different bug fixes and general changes to the experimental servers before getting completely implemented into the game. One thing many players have asked is whether or not high-level loot no longer spawning in towns is a glitch and the developers have come out to say that it is not. They’ve made this change to shift the meta to stop people from spawn-camping a great weapon or item and to bring back the risk of going out into the world to acquire something of this tier.

In terms of changes to finish off the updates are some fixed sounds, increased amber drop rate, nerfed improvised bow and iron axe, and they even added a new tier-3 axe, named as Viagrax. Alongside many of these, there’s plenty of general fixes to the game to keep it up and running, at least for the time being anyway.

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