Hurtworld Servers

Finding a Hurtworld game to join in game can prove a bit difficult as the server browser system built-in does lack the needed personality for discovering new place to play. The Hurtworld server list on this page is designed to provide a fast and efficient way of scanning the available servers worldwide to find your ideal game to join. Using the menu system we have developed you can sort the servers by region, this way you can find a low ping Hurtworld game to join and really enjoy without any nasty lag.

Hurtworld Server Hosting

Before creating the Hurtworld server list on this page we set ourselves to the task of developing the worlds greatest game hosting price comparison site CompareGameHosting. On that site (when you click through on that previous link) you will be greeted by the dedicated Hurtworld server hosting page showing you the major companies that have a ready to go package, so once you have paid your first months rent you can fire the game up within minutes.


Hurtworld is another survival game to the genre and is quite similar to the game Rust in a lot of regards, with the same amount of silliness that the visual style seems to convey. Gameplay wise, Hurtworld is a 3rd person shooter that has you collect and gather resources to establish some sort of normality, before giving you the opportunity to build yourself up into an unstoppable force with some decent weapons that aren’t simply a bow and arrow. Set in a landscape that looks similar to much of outback Australia, Hurtworld will keep you guessing past every single horizon and corner, although that does sometimes result in a headshot.

Unlike some other survival games, Hurtworld is designed for a more hardcore demographic that want a real challenge when they play and receive the proper rewards for the risks they take. While it does mean that a bigger player might completely destroy you in the beginning, before too long the shoe is bound to be on the other foot and if you’ve got a few friends to help you, you’re going to be the raining champ of the server before too long.

At no point did anyone say you have to enter the cruel wastes alone, not even in the slightest. Half of the fun of a survival game is pairing up with strangers or friends and taking the world by storm; providing that they don’t stab you in the back by the end of it or vice versa. At the end of the day, that all comes down to the type of player you are and with Hurtworld, it allows you to be whatever type of player you desire.