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Life is Feudal

Life is Feudal is one of the latest MMO/survival games to hit Steam’s Early Access on the 12th January, 2018 and offers a more hardcore and realistic approach to the regular MMO and survival game approach that we typically see from the genre. One of the biggest differences when it comes to Life is Feudal is the completely unique way to go about building your own structures and settlements. Depending on how you decide, you can level the ground and make it befitting for whatever location you intend to build on and makes for a truly unique area and that makes things so much more interesting when you’re going around, taking over other people’s settlements, just to see what they’ve built for themselves.

From a visual perspective, the game takes the Arma approach and has a more realistic visual style to it, except within a medieval setting instead. While you won’t be coming up against dragons and other terrifying creatures, the world isn’t exactly safe and may take a tole on your life total if you’re not careful and would be better off venturing out with some others.

With Life is Feudal, you’re rewarded for working with others and building your own village, settlement, and castle, depending on your determination. Why command an army of AI tools to defend your castle, when you can take the place of a king and order your real-world troops to take up arms against the invading tyranny. Life is Feudal isn’t always going to be the easiest experience, but if you manage to put in enough time and effort, you can enjoy a truly interesting and realistic experience within a survival game that we don’t normally get.