Minecraft Servers

As you probably already know, to play Minecraft online you need a dedicated server. Finding these servers is hard with Minecraft as their is no centralised list that you can scroll through within the game to find servers based on game style etc. The Minecraft server list on this page was built and is maintained to make the process of discovering games to join a lot easier for players all around the world. A great way to find your ideal game server to join is to begin by choosing your region and then looking at the best servers and their banners to get an idea of what to expect when you join.



A game barely needing a description, Minecraft is one of the most played and purchased video games in the history of the medium and continues to gross millions upon millions every single year, even after nearly being out for 10 years at this point. Considered one of the pioneers of the sandbox/resource collecting games, Minecraft is a first-person game that is all about exploring and building whatever may come to mind. Even though you might start out with a simple dirt house, before too long, you’ll have all the tools you’d ever need to create an epic construction where your only limit is your mind. Succeed by games like Hurtworld and Space Engineers, no single game has come close to being able to replicate the all-round magic you experience while playing Minecraft.

Minecraft was designed to let your creativity flow and allow you the chance to explore and build on an impossibly large randomly-generated world that only ever seems to go on and on the further you delve into the world. As you explore deeper, you’re set to find pre-constructed locations that may have useful items, interesting areas to explore, and even a complete adventure to be had; providing you’re brave enough to deal with the horrors the lurk in the darkness: zombies, skeletons, spiders, and more!

As with many games in the genre, it’s a game that plays better with friends and other players around and considering that many servers feature over 100 different players at any one time, you can spend your time building an epic structure or just enjoy some company as you hop around the main grounds. Many of these servers even have special games and mini-games to be played and take the main Minecraft formula and expand on it vastly to play a game that you wouldn’t expect, but somehow works incredibly well and makes the title even more re-playable than you’d originally expect.