Reign of Kings Servers

Maybe not as massive as it was once was, Reign of Kings still has an audience of die hard medieval fans with some awesome RP servers still about. The ROK server list on this page will help you find a fantastic place to play that fits in with your style of playing. Maybe you are more of a builder or you prefer to take on another role in the servers community, you will be able to use the region and game style filters to whittle down the list to your taste.

Reign of Kings Server Hosting

If you haven’t yet got a server for Reign of Kings or have found that the servers out their already don’t suit your style of play you can rent one from a hosting company. At our sister site CompareGameHosting we track all of the providers for ROK server hosting along with reviews, guides and the features of the companies to make the decision dead simple.

Reign of Kings

Set in a harsh, medieval world, Reign of Kings is a first-person affair that has you hoping online to build structures, fight against other players, and even command your army of real-world players – providing they decide to listen to you that is. The game in simple terms plays like a resource-gathering survival game that has you chopping down trees, hunting creatures, and taking their resources to craft everything you need and building whatever comes to mind. Sometimes those buildings are going to be needed to keep yourself safe from the elements and at times they’re going to be needed to keep you safe from imposing players that want to take whatever it is that you have. ROK has been replaced essentially by more modern survival games like Hurtworld and Empyrion which add something new to the experience like being in Space or adding better graphics.

Combat is a particularly brutal affair that involves a fair amount of a blood and dismemberment and will result in the losing player losing a limb or a head, depending on how poorly things go for them. Instead of simply hacking and slashing with your sword, you have to make the right choice with your swings to ensure that they connect and don’t ricochet off of someone else’s blade. In the case that swords are a little bit much, you can always use a bow and arrow, crossbow, or even a spear to get the job done.

Either play the game with some friends for a laugh or with strangers to take ownership over the server and become the reigning king of Reign of Kings. While it isn’t going to be easy to start off, at the end of the day, you’re bound to find something to enjoy, just try not to lose your head!