Rust Servers

Trying to find a Rust game to join in with on the official Rust server list built into the game really lacks the magic required to make an informed choice. Luckily their are online browser based server lists for Rust that add a whole new layer of internalisation to the process to increase your chances of finding your ideal place to play. The simple filters for region and list type on the side of the page make it easy to sift through the thousands of servers available.

Rust Server Hosting

The servers in this list are privately owned or rented from companies that provide Rust server hosting services to the public. You can easily get a server for only dollars a month from one of these companies and then you can easily add it to our server list for people to join. A private Rust server that you rent will give you the benefit of being able to control who you play with online as well as access server mods to change the game mechanics.


Rust is one of those survival/resource gathering games that has thousands of players on its servers on a daily basis. As with any good survival game, you start off with practically nothing to your name and must explore across the land, in the hopes of finding something useful. Once you’ve found it, you can either use it to build an awesome base that just might protect you from a group of players throughout the night or put those resources into a decent weapon so you can actually protect yourself against those players.

In Rust, nothing ever comes easy – after one evening of successful resource gathering, things might not exactly go your way and could result in a loss of all that hard work; providing you don’t put in the effort. Players in Rust can be a little bit ruthless in the game and without a decent base over your head for the night can lead to some unfortunate stays on that particular server.

Rust Online

Why not save yourself from this problem and bring along a friend or two? In Rust, having people who’ve got your back will save you from being awkwardly knocked out with a rock as some strange bloke proceeds to dance over your unconscious state. Form an alliance and become some of the strongest players on the server or simply find somewhere quiet to hold out and build some weird structures to tide you over. In some cases, you could even build something a bit strange in the form of a maze and watch as those players try to navigate your maze of doom. In Rust and other similar games like Hurtworld, you’ve got the chance to build whatever and wherever you please, but that doesn’t exactly mean you’ll always be safe in this FPS survival game.