Space Engineers April 2018 Updates

Space Engineers is a survival game that focuses on teamwork and space-faring adventures. Instead of focusing on combat, Space Engineers is designed around some real-world elements. Construction, engineering, exploration, and survival are all key in this game and can’t be found in any other game. Currently, the game is available on Steam’s Early Access platform and is consistently being improved. No matter how minor or major an update may be, this news and updates article will cover the latest. Space Engineers has plenty to offer, and even more with each new update that comes its way!

Space Engineers Fixes (1.186.2)

Less in terms of content additions, the developers have put a lot more time and effort into fixing the game. A lot of different problems and issues have been resolved, and a lot of these updates have focused solely on that. Starting off with update 1.186.2, they’ve improved the scripting/modding API for wheels and rotor lock has been added to the scripting AI. In terms of fixes, though, we’ve got various different changes to the game to keep it up and running. Some of the key fixes to the game are as follows: tooltips in skins inventory, main menu search bar consistency. Along with jump drive now working, beacon’s light stays on when turned off, and saving engineer’s state when leaving cockpit.


Moving onto the update just after this one, we’ve got 1.186.3. Once again, we’ve got some more changes and fixes that the game certainly could do with. First of all, various crashes have been fixed, and warning messages now show up when loading old save positions. Due to issues with compatibility with some sound cards, the echo feature has been disabled for now. The welding effect now stops when finishing a block, and player positioning no longer desyncs when moving around wheels. Some more fixes are the jumping car issue after disconnecting, and unintended invulnerability. At the arrival of the boss during mission 5, for some reason you would be invulnerable, so that has been solved. Plus, autopilot no longer stops after deleting the last waypoint in the sequence.


Last but not least, we have update 1.186.4 and it’s small, but important fixes to the game. These brief fixes are as follows: character is no longer visible through blocks from spectator view. The fighter cockpit having interior during the construction stage has been resolved. The size of boulder dummies when drilling with secondary mode has also been correctly proportioned. Magnetic boots no longer get emissive after leaving the cryopod or cockpit as well.

Of all the updates for the game, these aren’t exactly the most interesting, but it’s good to see the game is on a constant update trend. Before too long the devs will have more to sink our teeth into, and once we do, it’ll be reported here!

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