TF2 Servers

Wading your way through the official Team Fortress 2 server list can be a difficult task that sucks the fun right out of the game. Our improved server list for the game takes away the pain and adds some personality and dimension to the archive of servers. Using the filters on the side (or below if you are on mobile) you can adjust the search parameters to bring up the perfect servers for your region or play style.

Team Fortress 2 Server Hosting

If you haven’t found a server that fits the bill for your style of play on TF2 then maybe you should look at getting your own server from a respectable and trusted provider. Our sister site CompareGameHosting has the most extensive and up to date list of prices, reviews and features for all of the major providers as well as a whole load of niche ones. Team Fortress 2 server hosting will set you back only a few dollars a month and once you have got your server online you can come back and submit it here to get it full of players quicker.

Team Fortress 2

Team Fortress 2 is one of Valve’s most played games on Steam and that has been the case ever since its conception back in 2007. Considered one of the best and first hero-based shooters, Team Fortress has you choose from a variety of different class types with each one being completely different from one another, meaning each match you play online is a completely new experience for everyone involved. Being an objective-focused game, kills tend to be less useful, but that doesn’t stop it from being a helpful addition to any objective that you need to focus on.

What Sets It Apart?

Something that Team Fortress 2 has always been known for – other than the hats – is the completely unique, player-created maps that not many FPS games have nowadays and makes Team Fortress 2 and its myriad of different servers so much more intriguing. One moment you could be playing on a moving bus around a small 30 x 30 room and the next you could be on a Mario Kart racetrack that’s a perfect rendition of some of the original games.

Then, of course there’s the solid gameplay that makes Team Fortress 2 an incredibly FPS game to play, even to this date, 10 years after the game has already been released. Even to this very day the game receives constant updates, new hats and weapons, and an ever-increasing amount of content from both the developers and the players as well. Considering the fact, the game is completely F2P and the amount of servers you can choose from, Team Fortress 2 is an FPS title that any fan of online shooters shouldn’t miss out on, providing they have the chance.