Unturned January Update

Unturned has had several updates this month that include fixes, improvements, and additions to the base game.

Additions To Unturned

  • Players can now salvage marketable cosmetics and skins for crafting materials
  • Barricade and structure salvage requested events for plugins
  • Total kill counters can be crafter from materials introduced. They can be attacked to any weapon skin and will track with that item only. There are two types of stat counters, one being how many total kills of anything (zombies, animals, players) and one that is just a player kill counter
  • There are new airdrops to the Greece map. A little tip for these airdrops is to get the ones that are non-dead zone. This is an efficient way to get gasmasks
  • A new camp has been added to the Greece map and is called Nikaia

Fixes To Unturned

  • Server crashing when kicking inactive clients
  • Linux server crashes
  • Crafting list button icon tint
  • Potential audio issue when loading
  • Now able to open devkit windows

The update has some great new features and as always, some great bug fixes. The Linux server crash fix has helped tremendously when playing on my Linux base desktop.

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