Unturned Servers

Instead of bashing your way through the built-in official server list within Unturned you can reduce the stresses involved and use our simpler version. Although we say “simpler” it does posses much more advanced systems to help you find better servers and quicker too. The Unturned servers on this page are pinged regularly and the data we hold is as up-to-date as we can possibly get it.

Unturned Server Hosting

The guys who created this awesome site BestServers have another major server website that helps you compare prices for Unturned servers. Our sister site CompareGameHosting has a page that specialises in showing just the hosting companies that offer a dedicated Unturned package. If you head over to this page then you will see the massive list of companies alongside prices, reviews and the features each of them offer.


Unturned is a new take on the zombie, survival shooter genre by effectively being Day Z but for a much more casual audience. Instead of having completely brutal parameters that will take you hours upon hours to figure out how to use properly and can just allow you to jump straight into the game without having to worry too much about finding out what it is you need to do. Much rather, you can simply go and look for some resources to kick things off and then put some bullets into some blocky zombies before they get a little bit too close and if need be, you can drag a friend along for the zombie killing ride.

Unturned Gameplay

Once you’re done hunting down zombies, you can spend some time into constructing the perfect base to protect yourself from the zombies that come encroaching after you at all hours of the day. Similar to how Minecraft works, you can simply build pretty much anything that comes to your mind, whether that’s a mansion or a sniper tower is completely down to you – designed it to your perfect standards.

As far as online zombie survival games go, Unturned is what you would get if you combined Minecraft with Day Z and then you’ve got the perfect amalgamation. Of course, alongside the building you’ve also got crafting and adventures to be had with complete strangers or friends, depending on the server you decide to join. At the end of the day, there’s plenty to find and do inside of Unturned and considering that the game is completely playable for free, you’ve got the perfect excuse to hop online if you’ve ever wanted the chance to play Day Z without worrying about the hardcore nature of it all.